Why should we include native plants in our landscaping?

Ecosystems are complex. Much more than the individual plants and animals. Their relationships matter. Disruptions from human activity challenge ecosystem health everywhere. We cannot recreate or engineer this complexity since we don’t yet know all the interactions that evolved between all the living things right here in Acadiana.

But we do know a lot. Louisiana has been home for decades to some of the most respected voices of the American native plant movement. Those voices include great naturalists like Caroline Dormon and Bill Fontenot, and experts like Charles Allen, Malcolm Vidrine, Larry Allain, and Marc Pastorek who made preservation and restoration of our natural landscapes and native species their life’s work. Their blogs and publications are must-reads, with levels of helpful detail this website can’t approach. We always share notices of their public talks and workshops. Entomologist Douglas Tallamy has echoed their call and reinspired our nation to plant and replant our cities and suburbs with natives in patterns that mimic natural plant communities to support wildlife. Learn more with his full lecture on YouTube.

We’re here to help you learn how to plant and maintain natives in ways that beautify your garden, make it more resilient and provide numerous ecosystem services that traditional gardens and agriculture cannot.