Why should we include native plants in our landscaping?

How do we replace what’s gone with habitat to support the beautiful web of plants, animals, birds, butterflies, and pollinators that can exist in no other place but Acadiana?

Whether you want to landscape an entire property from scratch, add to an existing garden, or tiptoe into natives by planting a tiny prairie pocket garden, ANPP can help you choose the right native trees, shrubs, and plants, find natives at nurseries, and learn to propagate them yourself.

We’re here to help you learn how to plant and maintain natives in ways that beautify your garden and coexist with our creature friends, giving them maximum food, shelter, and safety in natural wildlife corridors that run through our cityscapes. When you start adding natives to your existing garden, or take the plunge with an entirely native landscape, you’ll be astonished how quickly nature rebounds in response.

With his book Bringing Nature Home, writer Douglas Tallamy is often credited with sparking national interest in planting and replanting our cities and suburbs with natives in patterns that mimic natural plant communities to support wildlife. Learn more with his full lecture on YouTube. Louisiana has been home for decades to some of the earliest and most respected voices of the American native plant movement. Those voices include great naturalists like Caroline Dormon and Bill Fontenot, and experts like Charles Allen, Malcolm Vidrine, Larry Allain, and Marc Pastorek who made preservation and restoration of our natural landscapes and native species their life’s work. Their blogs and publications are must-reads, with levels of helpful detail this website can’t approach. We always share notices of their public talks and workshops.

Next Steps And More Resources Are A Click Away

Ready to get started? Check out our drop down menus for how to create native plant habitats:  IDENTIFY the habitat where you already live, so you can figure out what else can grow there comfortably. LAYER the right native plants in your garden to provide abundant habitat for diverse wildlife. SELECT the right native plants for every use. And don’t forget to collect, split and propagate from seeds and cuttings, and share, share, share.