We propagate


A major part of our mission is to make native plants available to the public. While we work to increase demand for native plants that could support local growers and nurseries, we propagate dozens of our favorite local species for sale at our greenhouse and at spring plant festivals such as Festival des Fleurs in Lafayette, LA and Sunset Herb Festival in Sunset, LA. We also sell to nurseries and directly to landscapers. If you are a grower of natives, let us send you customers!

We propagate plants from seeds and cuttings from local sources and members at the June Walker Memorial Greenhouse, which was bequeathed to ANPP by the family of our friend and founding member of ANPP. Thanks to her family, generous donations of time and money from ANPP members and friends, and a fruitful collaboration with NUNU Arts and Culture Collective, June’s greenhouse is up and running at Teche Farm EcoCampus, 1046 Main Hwy in Arnaudville. June’s Greenhouse Dedication on September 20, 2018 got local news coverage.

With a dedicated propagation team, we have been able to bring thousands and thousands of plants to market since 2017. Here is our current inventory. Email us at mail@greauxnative.org if you want to know more about helping the ANPP Propagation team. We also have a Credit Program for sustained volunteerism and plant donations.