What does a native garden look like?


How is a native garden different from a traditionally landscaped yard? 

It may not be obvious, since many of the same rules apply to both: keep neat edges, consider layers, seasons and textures.  Most native gardens include at least some lawn.

What native gardeners aim to do, however, is to replace traditional introduced and cultivated plants with plants native to our region that support wildlife, including pollinators like native bees (not honeybees), diverse butterfly and moth species (not just monarchs), many different bird species (songbirds to wading birds to raptors). Most native gardeners do have some traditional cultivars, so very few are purists. 

To support this diversity, native gardeners minimize use of fertilizers, watering regimes and pesticides, relying instead on ecological balance. Most native gardeners reduce the size of their lawn over time to only what they will use, since turf grass offers very little in wildlife and water management value and requires a lot of upkeep.

 A Virtual Tour of a mature native landscape

the garden of Lawrence Rozas and Donna Gauthier

Sunset LA