From Native Gardening in the South by William R. Fontenot, by permission of the author and with grateful acknowledgment. For ordering information, see Resources Books


Size/Height at Maturity

S Under 30’

M 30-50’

L Over 50’

Growth Form

C Conical

R Rounded

O Oval

S Spreading

U Upright

Um Umbrella

Growth Rate

S Slow

M Medium

F Fast

Blooming Habit: Colors and Bloom Times

W White

Cr Cream

Y Yellow

O Orange

R Red

P Pink

Pu Purple

esp early spring

sp spring

s summer

w winter

Fall Colors

R Red

Y yellow

O orange

Evergreen or not?

D Deciduous

E Evergreen

PD Persistently deciduous, almost evergreen

Attractive to Wildlife

F Especially important for wildlife

H Important for hummingbirds

Leaf Texture

C Coarse

M Medium

P Fine

Adaptability to Cultivation Outside Its Wild Habitat

A Adapts well

W Likes wetter sites

D Likes drier sites

M Likes a happy medium, not too moist, not too dry


S Full Sun

Sh Shade

P Partial Shade

A Anywhere

How Easy Is It to Grow?

E Easy

FE Fairly Easy

NE Not that easy, do your homework!