Mini-grant/Special Projects Program

You are invited to submit a proposal for plants, materials and/or funds for a project that advances ANPP’s mission and lowers barriers to participation, including but not limited to:

  • Installation of native plants for pollinator gardens, prairies, wetlands or seedling nurseries at public spaces like schools, parks, libraries and churches.
  • K-12 educational programming or curriculum development related to native plants and habitat.
  • Internships for individuals completing special projects like producing signage or media.
  • Costs of doing service research for schoolwork (e.g., science fair).
  • Funds for commercial startup or expansion of capacity for native plant propagation.
  • Extracurricular youth projects and activities such as Scout or 4H projects or citizen science.
  • A Yard2Habitat workshop and/or entry landscape for a neighborhood or subdivision. This can include the cost of a professional native landscape design.
  • Subsidized applications for the Louisiana Certified Habitat program for your neighborhood.

There are no deadlines or application forms. Initiate your inquiry at any time with an email to with a short description of your idea (paragraph) and a phone contact number. Typical awards will be $100-500, but especially promising projects may warrant more.

You and an ANPP representative will then discuss your project, using these questions as guides:

  • What specifically do you envision doing? Who will benefit? Who are the stakeholders?
  • Which aspect(s) of ANPP’s mission or activities will the project extend?
  • What specifically do you need? Plant materials, supplies, advice, labor, funds?
  • How can the project’s impact extend beyond the project itself?
  • What barriers are anticipated and what can be done to minimize them?
  • How can the project be sustained over time?
  • Who are your partners on this project? Which costs and efforts can be shared?
  • How can others learn from your example? (publicity)

We can draft the proposal collaboratively while talking, but having a proposal drafted beforehand is helpful. The ANPP Board will review and determine whether a project will be funded. Proposals from current ANPP members and habitat-impoverished areas will receive priority consideration.  Funds will be reimbursed upon satisfactory completion per a Board delegate and submission of receipts to the treasurer and a report to the board of at least one paragraph specifying how the funds were used and the outcome of the project.  More complex projects may require more detail. Careful use of ANPP funds honors the generosity of our volunteers and members.