Our current officers are

  • President: Phyllis Baudoin Griffard
  • Vice-President: Heather Warner-Finley
  • Secretary: Kari Cretini
  • Treasurer: Pete Griffard

Additional Governing Board members: Sarah Schoeffler (chair), Margot Addison, Larry Allain, Pam Blanchard, Ray Brassieur, Laura Palmer, Dona Weifenbach, Rick Webb.

Technical Advisory Board: Charles Allen, Ron Boustany, Diane Bullard, Janice Eaton-Akers (Founding President Emerita), Bill Fontenot, Jim Foret, Garrie Landry, Jan Wyatt

Acadiana Native Plant Project Greaux Native is a tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3); our EIN is 81-3608978. Donors can deduct contributions made to ANPP under IRS Section 170. Our bylaws can be found here.

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